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Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways are by far the most popular kind of driveway. It's the most cost effective solution; its strength and durability are defining factors in the knowledge that it will be regularly driven on by heavy vehicles. When compared to paving and loose stone driveways, concrete driveways have many advantages:


- A concrete driveway offers a lot of functionality as it is durable and has a longer life span.

- Concrete driveways are very easy to maintain as they do not stain as easily as asphalt or stone.

- A concrete driveway maintains its characteristics even in the harshest of weathers giving you a look that is there to stay all year round.

- Perfect for adding value to any property; concrete driveways come in multiple colours to perfectly complement your home.


Adelaide Concrete Specialists will help you build the concrete driveway you've always wanted at a cost that won't burn a hole through your pocket. Our concrete driveways come in many different finishes according to the requirements of our customer. Built using a method of concreting that we've perfected over our many years, these concrete driveways in Adelaide are beautiful, incredibly durable, and help accentuate the entrance to your home.


Known for their versatility, our concrete driveways are loved by many customers, and through our hard work have earned the reputation as one of the most trusted companies for concrete driveways throughout Adelaide.  Our team of expert craftsmen are trained by the best and have the knowledge to offer our customers advice on the different design options available for their concrete driveway. Known for our impeccable customer service, we always place the customer as our priority.


At Adelaide Concrete Specialists, you will not only get a concrete driveway that is functional but also aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable. Choose from a range of different textures, designs, colours and patterns and get a concrete driveway that will add a new dimension of elegance to your home!

Adelaide Concrete Specialists Services

Coloured & Plain Concrete

For those with a limited budget, plain concrete is the best approach to building a practical driveway. Although, a coloured driveway is also cost effective and affordable.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate or decorative concrete driveways is one of the most popular finishes. It's often used for driveways, patios and for other outside features.

Slate Impression

Create a sophisticated look for your new driveway with a combination of colours or two-toned effects by using professional coloured release agents.

Stencil Driveways

Stencil Concrete Driveways uses a patterned stencil design, available in many colours and styles. All concrete is created with the perfect amount of smooth or texture you require.

Storm Water Drainage

Solve your drainage problems with the correct placement of storm water drainages, perfect where the driveway meets the garage running the entire width of the driveway.

Site Preparation

After your driveway design has been chosen, we need to easily remove the old driveway and remain proper elevation, then laying the new driveway and finishing it off by sealing.

Concrete Pathways

Add instant appeal to your home with a concrete pathway, making life easier by not having to walk over wet grass or by adding that design appeal to your garden area.

Pool Surrounds & Garage Floors

Improve your pool surrounding with fresh paving or concreting in various stlyes and colours. Does your garage floor need to be re-concreted? We can help!